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Toyota CHR for sale in Baltimore

If are searching for a Toyota CHR for sale in Baltimore, Jerry’s dealership is the place to be! Toyota CHR is a uniquely expressive brand that gives a sporty feel to a comfortable and well-designed SUV. From the extemporary exterior styling to the interior finishing, Toyota CHR fully delivers on every aspect including appearance, comfort, reliability, safety, and handling performance among more.

Why buy Toyota CHR in Baltimore from Jerry’s dealership?

Since 1957, Jerry has been delivering top quality Toyota, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet cars in Baltimore city. With the primary goal of prioritizing quality and customer service above everything else, it is no wonder Jerry’s dealership has such a reputation. If you have any questions about Toyota CHR for sale in Baltimore, contact Jerry’s dealership today or walk in to their offices and have a test drive of any of the items they have in stock, including the Toyota CHR XLE and XLE Premium.

They offer various finance and lease options, and whichever option you use, you will be eligible for their extended care, complimentary complete Toyota 30k mile service, tire rotations for life, car washes for life, and much more.

Why opt for Toyota CHR in Baltimore?

Unique exterior styling

Toyota CHR features a distinct diamond-like exterior styling that gives it an edge over its competitors. Its 18-inch sporty alloy wheels and a cantilevered rear spoiler perfectly complement the CHR’s unique sporty design. If you want your CHR to stand out from the rest, consider the R-Code two-tone paint option which coats the roof of the car in various available coats to match your style.

Diamond-inspired interior finishing

CHR’s interior is diamond-inspired to give you an outstanding look and feel of pure bliss. Its standard dual zone automatic climate control system allows you to set two different climates in the car at the same time, so your friends can have it warm while you enjoy some coolness. The XLE premium offers front heated bucket seats to ensure your comfort at all temperatures.

Performance and Interior additions

The CHR has a 2-wheel drive system and comes with a single engine option across the range, which is a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that delivers 144 Hp and 139 lb/ft. of torque. The standard XLE option is equipped with ample tech additions to give it a futuristic appearance and deliver on functionality as much as possible.

It features a 7 inch touch screen infotainment screen which also acts as the rear-view camera monitor. It also has USB connectivity, Bluetooth, Toyota’s Entune entertainment system, electric parking brake, multi-information display, wireless technology and 6 speakers to give you a perfect sound surround. The XLE Premium additionally offers front heated seats, leather upholstery, push-button ignition, and much more.

Safety and Handling performance

CHR is designed with safety in mind. Pre-collision detection and adaptive cruise control are standard in all available options. The car also comes with ten standard airbags, a star safety system designed to enhance traction and braking, and a standard lane departure alert system.

Contact Jerry’s dealership today for more on Toyota CHR for sale in Baltimore.