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Three Things You Must Have to Keep Your Move Organized  

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Moving can be a stressful experience, but don’t fall into the trap of rushing through the process of packing up your home. Packing is difficult enough without the worry of unpacking after the deed is done, but sometimes it’s best to pack with intent. Make unpacking as stress-free as you can by packing with organization in mind. These three everyday office supplies can save you hours of headache and confusion later on. The best part? If you don’t already have them, they won’t cost you more than a few bucks.

Permanent Marker

 If you have several boxes in your storage unit dedicated to keeping your kitchen utensils safe, how will you tell which one holds the plates from which one holds the silverware? Remember to label your boxes as clearly as possible. Pencil lead, while erasable, can easily fade. Label your boxes with clear, bold strokes of a dark-colored permanent marker. Be as brief and exact as you can, but readability is key here. You’ll appreciate this extra step when it’s time to unpack and you know exactly what goes where.

Colored Tape

Are you moving with a friend? Perhaps you’re sharing your storage unit? Maybe you just want to make unpacking as effortless a chore as you can. Help your boxes stand out with a strip or two of bright-colored tape. The versatility of colored tape makes for a priceless addition to your moving tools and can easily cut your unpacking time in half. With a glance, you’ll know exactly which box goes to which room, saving valuable time as you unpack.

Rubber Bands

Not everything you’re moving is big enough to take up the space of a whole box. Keep the little things together with rubber bands; pencils, utensils, wires, and cables are a few of the many things that could easily be kept secure and organized with a few rubber bands. Keep your phone chargers and ethernet cords neat and detangled with a few minutes of extra work. Consider taking it a step further and purchasing colored rubber bands to help keep your batches of knicknacks easily decipherable.

Moving doesn’t have to be a headache. Take your time packing, and enjoy the process of transforming your new living space into a home. These three cheap and easy tools can make your move a breeze. Once everything is packed and ready to go, be sure to call Chelsea Mini Storage at (888) 799-5906 to help with everything else. From supplying you with boxes to handling the heavy lifting, your storage concierge will make your move even easier.

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