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Three best fashion games for all young princesses

Fashion does not stand still! Every day something changes. The outfit, which was the most popular yesterday will not be worn by any fashionista today. Every girl from a young age tries to be the most beautiful to please others. Especially for young fashionistas who like to dress well, Manamonster created the most colorful section of fashion games. Here, every girl will be able to experiment with styles and define her own special image, which will be unusual and the most fashionable.

We will tell you about the most interesting games of this section. To play them just click here.

  1. Barbie on Roller Skates

Help the heroine of the game Barbie prepare for a walk on the rollers. The girl is going to ride on roller skates and she needs to pick out the right outfit. Clothes should be as comfortable as possible, but at the same time attractive enough to emphasize the beauty of the girl. During the game about Barbie, who is keen on rollerblading, you will see a huge assortment of different blouses and trousers, as well as all kinds of accessories. Combine various details of the wardrobe, getting stylish images. If you want, you can admire ready-made variants of clothing sets – just click on the button with the image of the light bulb.

  1. Shoe Designer

Do you want to create an unusual design of fashion shoes? If so, then welcome to the new game for creating charming shoes. You can create all the most unusual shoes that no one else has seen. In the beginning you need to choose the design of shoes, they can be both open type and closed. After that choose a beautiful wedge, heel and other accessories that will make your shoes unique. Next, choose the color which you will use to paint your shoes. Try to create a design that has never been used to get a prize for originality. Have a good game!

  1. Modern Sister School Dressup

We all know that there is nothing more important than making the right impression the first day after returning to school. Help these little sisters to transform from cute little girls in pajamas into amazing girls ready for study with the help of complete transformation from head to foot!