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Singapore a Talent Hub for Japanese Companies

In a nod to the hard work and skills that are coming out of Singapore’s employees, some large Japanese companies are focusing on grooming Singapore talent in certain skills. Companies like NEC and Panasonic are working with Singapore employees to deepen skills in areas such as management trainee programmes and internships. This is partially because these companies are recognizing the skills and talent that these employees possess. Panasonic recently moved their business in refrigeration compression to Singapore. This will not only streamline the manufacturing process, but also groom talent.

While there are currently reports of there being a lack of skills in the technology and information sectors in Singapore, certain companies are willing to provide on-the-job training to the employees of their choosing to make up this gap. These moves from large companies not only will enable them to tap into local talent, but will also streamline a lot of business aspects, including manufacturing and working within the growing demand.

Singapore has long been known as the leading talent hub in Asia, and has a reputation for being open to research and development and having a large number of universities that are world famous that can be used for R&D. In fact, Panasonic said that by moving their refrigeration manufacturing to Singapore they will be able to take steps to becoming a “smart factory” that will allow them to tap into data when creating and manufacturing items.

NEC has it’s Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore and just recently began a two-year programme to find and develop local talent. To date, they have hired nine trainees and look to expand that number to 26 by next year. This will allow them to take the best of the best from the area and train them. NEC also recently entered a partnership with EBD for a one-year training programme on cyber security. Because of this programme, they have hired ten engineers in cyber security that they trained in areas such as malware analysis and digital forensics. One of the main reasons that NEC set up an R&D lab in Singapore is because of how supportive they are of both innovation and the Smart Nation drive.

Another company working hard to encourage deeper training and understand to some Singaporeans is Mistui Chemicals. This company also has it’s Asia-Pacific headquarters located in Singapore, and they have been rewarding polytechnic students with both internships and scholarships since 2012. The students are then able to join the company when they graduate.

Koei Tecmo is a games-developer who understands the importance of these training programmes. He has trained more than 200 people since 2002 and is proud of the work that these past trainees have gone on to do. Some are now managers in other companies, while some teach in game development. This programme that he is involved with has the goal of creating a workforce that is as skilled as the Japan workforce in creating successful products that will be popular worldwide. Mr Lim from EDB understands that the competition with Japan will drive more Singaporeans to learn robotics design, automation, and IoT.

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