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Nothing More Than Useful Information: Cypionate Testosterone

Cypionate testosterone is a steroid that is mostly found in the American market. Its European equivalent is testosterone enanthate, from which it differs slightly in terms of its action time. It is a powerful steroid.

Americans most commonly use Cypionate testosterone, because many say it is a superior product, much better than other options. At the same time, it has been known to cause water retention in the body, but not severe enough for its use to be abandoned. But if we look at it objectively, we can see that the cypionate and the enanthate can be substitued with each other. Both are oil-injected steroids with a long-lasting action that will keep testosterone levels up for two weeks. Testosterone enanthate appears to be superior when it comes to the release rate of testosterone. But the difference is so small that it cannot really be taken as a major superior feature.

As with all injectable testosterone preparations, muscle mass gain and strength during a cycle are considerable. Loss of definition during use of this steroid makes it slightly undesirable during recovery or reversing phases. But a very important consideration has to be kept in mind: weight loss or gain is primarily dependent on one’s diet. Any testosterone steroid will increase metabolism and will not directly encourage fattening. It will not even stimulate lipolysis directly (fat burning), but nutrient partitioning will be greatly improved. Most of the adipose layer that forms when using testosterone (cypionate or any other form) comes from a bad diet that is too rich in calories. Most people misunderstand the concept of eating more and mistakenly believe they have to eat as much as they do when they use such a steroid. The result is the accumulation of too much fat.

Of course, the results will be observed with regular injections, with more or less benefit depending on the individual’s body.

Side effects of the cypionate testosterone

Cypionate testosterone has many potential side effects but is generally well tolerated by men, being identical to the hormone produced by the male human body.

Estrogenic side effects

The high level of estrogen it brings to your body can cause gynecomastia. If you experience pain, swelling or knot under nipples, then ancillary products like Proviron or Nolvadex should be added to the cycle. This will reduce estrogen formation considerably, making the steroid more tolerable.