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News websites vs. print newspaper: which one is better?

There has long been a debate about which medium is better for reading news; is it news websites or print newspapers? With changing time, people have been actively adopting the technology coated ways of reading news. More and more people are becoming a regular on various news websites. But there is still a set of people who consider print newspapers a better option than news websites.

Both the mediums have their own set of pros and cons. In this article, we have weighed the pros and cons of both the mediums.

News Websites: Pros and Cons

  • The biggest advantage that you get with the news websites is that it is very convenient and you can access it anytime and from anywhere. Even when you are stuck somewhere where you have no access to the print media, you can still keep yourself updated with blog and news websites.
  • To search for the latest news, you need not waste much of your time in finding the news in the news paper. The websites make the breaking news their focal point and hence, on reaching the website, you will come face to face with the latest news.
  • If you want to read about specific news, you can search it and get the results in moments.
  • If you are running short of time but still want to read the latest news, you can save your time and still read every single piece of information on the news websites. With online news, you can save all the time that otherwise would go into traveling to the vendor and buying a newspaper.
  • You can read the newspapers even in midnight. You need not wait for the morning to get the print newspaper.
  • A drawback with news websites is that they do not include everything. If you want to read a special edition regarding some latest event, you would need to buy the special newspaper edition to read the entire coverage.
  • In the bid to cover all the important and latest news, the online news websites tend to miss the small news items.

Print Newspaper: Pros and Cons

  • First and foremost, print newspapers are physical. Physically holding the newspaper and then reading the latest updates is still a favorite among the crowd. Therefore, many people still consider reading news from print newspapers.
  • You can read the news later if you are already occupied with work. Generally, the news websites hide the old stories and publish new ones. Here, the benefit with the print newspapers is that, they are everlasting. So, you can read the news whenever you want.
  • To read a newspaper, you need to spend some money from your pocket. The news does not come for free with print newspapers. Where the readers get a free access to the news on news websites, they need to buy the print newspaper before reading it. And of course, people prefer free news on the news websites rather than spending money on buying news.