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Loveworld USA

A globally renowned Pastor Oyakhilome and his counterpart pastor Benny Hinn will launch a new TV channel called Loveworld USA which aims at demonstrating the power of God.

The new TV channel will be launched in July 2017 by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who is the president of the Believers’ Loveworld Inc also known as the Christ Embassy. The new TV channel aims at strengthening the people’s faith and demonstrates God’s power.

While living in California, USA, strong faith can be of great help especially in a tough situation which in turn help people strengthen their faith in God which is an ultimate mission for everyone.

Loveworld Inc also called Christ Embassy president Pastor Oyakhilome and Pastor Hinn do understand the importance of faith and that why they are launching the new TV channel which will help them reach millions of people from all over the world and strengthen their faith. The new cable TV network will be very effective in demonstrating God’s power since it will be airing on daily basis in the US and abroad.

Apart from preaching and holding healing ministry, Pastor Chris Oyalkhilome is also a bestselling author, a teacher and a television host. By the use of God manifested presence, Pastor Chris Oyalkhilome has worked so hard to reach thousands of people. Pastor Chris Oyalkhilome has been in this mission for more than thirty years and over the years he has impacted many people through his meeting. For example in his meeting in Nigeria which was conducted at night, more than 3.5 million expectant people attended the meeting. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also take great pride in being the author of the Rhapsody of Realities which is one of the most distributed and translated daily devotional. Through the first 24-hour Christian satellite network that broadcast from African and has stations in South African, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, he has managed to spread the message of Christ’s salvation and touch millions of people.

Pastor Benny Hinn has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus for more than 43 years; he is also a teacher and a noted evangelist. He has authored books such as ‘Prayers That Gets Results’, ‘Blood in the Sand’, ‘Lamb of God’ and ‘Good Morning, Holy Spirit’ which are among the best-selling books. He is not new on television since he has a TV program called ‘This is Your Day’ that is viewed in 200 countries daily and is among the top watched Christian programs.

Loveworld USA headquarters are located in California, USA, but any from all over the world can access the TV channel through the internet. The new TV channel has a series of conferences, anointed music, crusades and pray shows from both pastors. The TV channel is unique from most Christian TV since it will feature the news. The new TV channel aims at demonstrating the power of God every day through events which will be presided by several other pastors who will be present.


Loveworld USA is a TV channel that is broadcasted through the spectrum and its headquarter in California, USA. Through the use of online presence, the cable television network will help preach about the power of God to the whole of the American continent and other parts of the world. The loveworldnews.com is being steered by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn who are the driving force of the TV channel.