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Introducing a Sports Enthusiast and His Love for Baseball

Baseball is almost like the national game of the Americans, approximately all Americans are totally in love with this game and are ready to go all out and cheer for the team they support. The Chicago Cubs, nick named Cubbies, is one such baseball team that has created records and has a huge fan following. They are based in Chicago, Illinois and compete in the MLB or Major League Baseball, being a member of the National League Central division.

The Wrigley Field that is located in the city’s North side is where this team plays their home games, the only other major league team of the American League Central division is the Chicago White Sox. The original name of the Cubbies was White Stockings, but since 1903 they came to be known as the Chicago Cubs. Among the humungous number of fans of the team David Berkowitz Chicago is a diehard fan.

Watching baseball and especially a match played by the Cubbies is what he loves to do and is extremely passionate about. Coming from the state of hills and beaches, North Carolina, David is a production designer by profession, which is an absolutely responsible job. He is also fond of the Blue Devils team of Basketball and basically seems to be a very sporty person.

The presence of the Chicago Cubs has been seen in eleven World Series in which they have bagged 116 games. They have a record winning percentage of the modern-era, which is .763 and have the acclaim of winning the World Series in 1907 and 1908 back to back. This is what made them the first team in any league to play the World Series thrice in a row and win two of them consecutively. The 2016 National League Championship was also won by the Cubbies.

The other name by which the Chicago Cubs are known is “the North siders”; this name has been christened owing to the location of their home ground the Wrigley Field. Being one of the best teams, rivalries are a part and parcel of it. Among the strongest rivals of this team are the St. Louis Cardinals at the divisional level and the latest the Milwaukee Brewers, of course not to forget the interleague rivalry with the White Sox.

It is since 1916 the Chicago cubs have been playing the “Friendly Confines” at the home field, which has a manual score board and ivy covered brick walls, even though the dimensions are rather small. The Cubs are reputed for their various charities as well; their aim is to improve the lives of the Cubs fans and their families within and across Chicago boundaries. Their basic aim is to provide access to sports to all as well help in the improvement of health and education of as many as they can.

The cubs are able to achieve this noble vision of theirs by the contributions of their fans like David Berkowitz Chicago and of course their sponsors, and corporate partners. They are proud to be able to help the people of their city and state and make it a better place for living for all.