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The importance of women’s health

Here is a general guide to the vital steps a woman should take in order to look after their general health, including the health checks all women in their 30s should get.

Women should ensure they have general check ups at least once a year. This may need to increase depending on an individual’s history, their family’s medical experiences and any predisposition to disease.

Health checks with a GP are the most important step to maintaining general well-being. GPs conduct STI checks, cervical screenings and pregnancy check-ups to ensure good sexual health is maintained. Heart health is also of utmost importance with GPs recommending blood pressure tests every two years.

Although more common for women aged 50-74 years, breast cancer screenings are important for women in their 30s with a family history of breast cancer. Bowel cancer can be a risk for younger women and tests with a GP every two years will decrease that risk.

Immunisations for HPV can prevent cervical cancer while flu vaccinations can protect you from illness throughout the year.

There are several self-checking techniques which can assist in looking after your health. Skin checks ensure you catch any warning signs of skin cancer.

Cleaning your teeth twice daily ensures oral health, whilst reducing alcohol intake and maintaining a regular level of physical activity also works to increase emotional and mental health.

According to the experts at home doctor service House Call Doctor, women should contact their GP, Dentist, Optometrist and Pharmacist if they are in need of a check-up or are searching for general health advice. Looking after yourself as a woman in your 30s will give you the tools to live a long and healthy life.