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ezTalks video conferencing change your way of working at Information age

The rapid development of the Internet, making the distance is no longer a problem, many problems can be resolved through the network, people no longer rigidly adhere to a specific location, for the geographical freedom to choose, in time, you can follow their own time, In the prescribed time to finish the matter.

In order to expand the market, remote work is essential, take the ezTalks, we are distributed throughout the country staff, through the ezTalks video conferencing system, no matter how far, can be in the same room for a visual discussion , You can also do a series of documents such as sharing work.


In foreign countries, remote work is already very accustomed to things, but the country is still a new thing. With the full coverage of the network and the accelerated development of the Internet, the future, remote work can be seen everywhere, you can at home, in the cafe, on the train, and even on the plane office.

Remote work through PC, ipad, smart phones and other mobile terminals for information sharing and video calls. This new model of work to break the inherent work environment, office anytime, anywhere, can greatly enhance the efficiency, making the work is no longer limited to the office, no longer limited to the computer side.

Now many companies try this way, it seems to have found the best way to remote cooperation, and clever use of the characteristics of non-sitting to attract talented people, greatly enhance the efficiency at the same time, give employees a better welfare and ease The working state.

Remote work communication for face-to-face communication, there must be inadequate, so the remote team needs more efficient tools to help, so that even the team can also be very efficient remote work. ezTalks video conferencing, functionally, high-definition video, high-fidelity audio to meet the daily communication, there are documents transmission, information can be shared in real time, more support for telephone access, support a variety of mobile terminals.

ezTalks video conferencing simplifies business meetings, company personnel exchanges, corporate leadership decision-making and many other nature of the meeting, only a terminal, that is, even in the Earth’s poles can attend the meeting at any time to work.