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How An Eyelid Surgery Can Help Cure Astigmatism

Our eyes naturally have the shape of a sphere, or round-shape. Now, if it’s the shape of the back of a spoon or football you may be prone to Astigmatism. Because of the irregular shape of the eyes, once the light enters the eyes, the refraction can go to different directions or will bend unevenly. This will result to seeing a particular object clearly, with the background blurry.

Same as nearsightedness, hyperopia, and presbyopia, astigmatism is not an illness but instead a condition that is the impact of having a cornea with a sporadic shape. Just like other conditions, wearing specialized eyeglasses or contact lens can help. However, the most effective procedure to solve astigmatism is through eye surgery. Say for instance, if your surgeon is an expert on laser eye surgery and knows how to fix droopy eyelids in Bondi Junction, he can restore the normal sight of a patient.

At most times, astigmatism commonly occur along with farsightedness or nearsightedness or even alone. Most of us are confused how this three can be differentiated. Hyperopia and myopia are conditions that are affected by having an irregular length of eyes. Hyperopia occurs if the length of the eyes is shorter or longer than normal. In this case, myopia happens.

Presbyopia usually occurs among those who are in their 40’s. Because of aging, the lens in our eyes has more difficulty in focusing on a particular object, as astigmatism can occur at any age. Although study reveals how astigmatism is formed, the history behind the cause of having an irregular cornea is still unknown.

What are the causes of astigmatism?

Normally, we are susceptible to seeing clear vision at one part with a fuzzy background (just like when you adjust your camera lens), we may have difficulty in seeing especially during nighttime, squinting and some eye irritations are several symptoms as well and headaches.  Astigmatism is also associated with eyestrain or eye fatigue. Since this kind of condition just increases gradually, it is best to have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. They will be able to perform eye examinations to determine the exact condition and find the best possible treatment or vision correction for you. Moreover, they are also adept in undertaking cutting edge procedures such as laser eye treatment and eyelid surgery.

How to correct astigmatism?

Refractive eyelid surgery and corrective lenses are also two possible options. Vision correction includes an eyeglass with light-bending power which will help the light bend in one direction to have a clearer vision. If there is a higher amount of astigmatism, doctors suggest patient to wear lenses that are rigid gas-permeable. Also, the eye doctor will be able to determine what best kind of lenses will be perfect for you.

Another method for astigmatism to be corrected is through refractive surgery. This surgery will help in changing the shape of the cornea, so that it becomes sphere-like. But with this kind of method, it will need a patient to have healthy eyes first, free from other ailments like corneal scars, retinal problems and other kinds of diseases. Being healthy can speed up upper eyelid surgery recovery time.

Our eyes are gifts for us to see the beauty of the world. Taking care of it through regular check-up will help us avoid and correct whatever problem we may encounter with it. It’s always best to rely on a trusted cosmetic surgeon in Bondi, Dr. Naveen Somia to a healthy eye and vision.