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Everything That Will Help With A Beginner’s Steroid Cycle

Steroids are used by bodybuilders and athletes alike, but using these anabolic compounds carefully is extremely imperative. If you are new to steroids and are considering your first cycle, below are a few tips that can come handy.

  1. First things first, know your fitness goals and health concerns. If you already have cardiovascular issues and liver problems, you should avoid steroids in the first place. Your age, genetics and gender largely determine your stack and dosage.
  2. You will find many websites, where there are different cycles and dosages for beginners. However, you cannot choose a stack or any steroid, unless you have read about the side effects. Don’t scoff off the risks, especially because exogenous steroids can work in a different way on every person.
  3. Some steroids are considered to be safe for beginners, if taken in smaller doses and as recommended. Besides testosterone, you can also start with start with Dianabol. However, you need to know the possible effects of each.
  4. Steroids are extremely harsh on your liver. This is the precise reason why most bodybuilders choose a cycle. Cycling is the process of using steroids in a balanced way. Basically, you will take the steroid/stack for a few weeks, following which the cycle will be stopped, so that the body can recover. Don’t extend your cycle for more muscle gain.
  5. Choosing the right stack is important. Since we are talking about beginners, not all steroids are safe for them. Don’t buy everything you find on the web. The more you read the more information you will have.
  6. Do not start with a high dose, even if you are using hormonal steroids like testosterone. Some steroids can have instant effects, but the long term risks are equally high. Higher doses are mostly suited for seasoned athletes and bodybuilders, who know the impact and effects of their stacks.
  7. Read reviews. There are many sites, where you can find reviews of different generic steroids. Every compound is made in a lab, and therefore, the ingredients and manufacturing standards can differ considerably. Do not buy from offshore sellers who don’t offer detailed information on their products. Some trade names are popular, but you need to know the ingredients before taking a call.

A beginner’s cycle is usually limited to few steroids and the dosages are also low. If you have any confusion regarding a drug, always seek expert help or talk to your trainer.