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Eat Like a King in Portions Restaurants in Bandung

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There’s a culinary fashion in Bandung that restaurants serve their food in large portions. This is a gimmick to catch the attention of potential new customers. It tastes the same than the standard portion, and it isn’t assumed to be eaten by one consumer.

The easiest way to make a portion serving is by filling up a plate. Otherwise, the restaurant makes meals larger. These meals are supposed to be consumed together with family or friends. Listed below are a few restaurants that serve large portions in Bandung.

Sonoma Resto

Sonoma Resto delivers western junk food such as hamburger, pizza, beef, and hotdogs in huge size. You probably can’t even get all the buns and fillings in one bite of this monster hamburger. There’s also an oversize Superhero hotdog, steaks with rich gravy and melted parmesan cheese. And that there’s a pizza slice so large that it often serves as a birthday cake.

Bakso Astaghfirullah

Bakso is a Chinese-influenced local meatball, made out of beef. Typically, the chunk in several bakso stalls has a diameter of a maximum of five to seven centimeter. Nevertheless, in Bakso Astaghfirullah, you might get a meatball of 15 centimeters in diameter.

One of these meatballs could weigh up to 2 kilograms! It is to be consumed with soup along with other side dishes, ideally with buddies or households. However, if you might take it down alone.

Seafood Kiloan Bang Bopak

This small restaurant supply an eating experience with a platter of seafood. Although Bandung is not connected to the sea directly, all ingredients in Seafood Kiloan Bang Bopak is fresh. You can pick a platter full of an assortment of seafood such as prawn, lobster, clam, squid, crab, plus much more. Each menu has been accompanied by a sauce that you could choose yourself.


This restaurant offers huge portions, up to 3 kilograms in total per serving. The Monster Platter is full of steaks, grilled chicken, poultry wings, poultry nugget, onion rings, and Pita bread. There are other monsters too like monster sausage, monster beef, or monster pizza. The hamburger has at least five coatings of patties.

Glosis Bandung

Another restaurant with oversize serving. You might get a platter full of corns, grilled chicken, legumes, Fries, poultry wings, sausages and a whole lot more. You’re permitted to eat them all alone, but it suggested to bring buddies here. Even the desserts are over the top. You may have an ice cream served in a large cocktail glass after finishing your meal.

Gluttony is the theme for this restaurant. If you’re the kind who adores your taste bud and belly, these places are for you.