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Dress up your next event with timed lighting

There are some rather drab things that you can really fancy up with the right set of lights on a string or in a bunch. You just have to think of things that are around you in your everyday life, and be mindful that actually when the time is right – like around Christmas time even – these items can be made to look wonderful. One isn’t just talking about normal lighting, reserved for the conservative among us. Imagine really funking up a tree or a model of Santa Claus, making those things really bright and sparkly. The kids and adults will enjoy it so much during the festive times.

Wrap around

Use a string of lights to go around the tree numerous times. A led strip light controller too will go a long way to making it that much more dynamic. The timing can be off or to a particular beat, with the temperature and the fade timed too. The control can be manual or automated, depending on what you want and what is required for your particular situation. You can do this for multiple trees even, connecting one string of lights to another. You might need a connector device and a delay device for this, which can also be found at the same place that you will buy the controller.

The roofing

Consider the guttering and the lining of your house. It’s there to border the roof of your home, but can actually be used for decorative purposes too, particularly when strung with bright lights. If the lights flash or are solid throughout, the effect will be great and the whole family and onlookers will be able to enjoy the sights. Put it to music too and the sights will then be complemented by the sounds – it will be pretty cool.

Fairy lights

We are all familiar with the small twinkle lights used at weddings and receptions and other venues. These, if set up accordingly, can also fade and brighten and slow down and speed up on cue. This can happen manually or automatically too. Fairy lights that are programmed accordingly can make even the drabbest room look like a veritable ballroom at the flash of a button or the click of a switch. There is something cosmic about it, whether the lighting is bright white or soft yellow – it’s a real treat throughout.

Spot lights

The big boys of the playground, spot lights are veritable monsters in terms of power and capacity, but can also be controlled in an environment that demands as much. While you are not going to see massive pylons at sports stadiums being flicked on and off, there are big spot lights at the top of stages at music festivals and other events that can be manipulated and controlled for the right rhymes and reasons. It takes years of tech experience to install this sort of thing, so don’t trifle about and rather get those well versed in it to do so with you watching over their shoulder.