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Dianabol Tablets – What Are It’s Benefits And Recommended Dosage

Anyone who is interested in bodybuilding whether a professional or otherwise want a well sculpted body. They desire a body that’s well toned and muscular. To get the desired body an individual needs to undergo a rigorous workout, eat well and consume supplements or steroids like Dianabol. Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that’s popular amongst the body builders.

What exactly is Dianabol

Dianabol has been a popular choice of bodybuilders and athletes for the last few decades. Dianabol is preferred by athletes and bodybuilders due to its fast action. The effectiveness of Dianabol is due to its primary ingredient Methandrostenolone. Methandrostenolone is responsible for the muscle gain, fat loss and enhanced strength. The Dianabol tablets or capsules are available in the dosage of 10mg, 20mg and 50mg. The most common dosage is 10mg.


Dianabol benefits include the following

  • Muscle mass gain – Dianabol is responsible for a rapid gain in muscle mass. The gain varies from individual to individual and a high calorie diet full of protein is required.
  • Strength gain – Dianabol consumption is responsible for a permanent strength gain.
  • Lower recovery time – Dianabol helps in fast recovery from workouts and enhanced speed of healing.
  • Lean muscle tissue retention – Dianabol helps in the preservation of lean muscle tissues even under a heavy exercise regime.
  • Fat loss – Dianabol enhances metabolism and facilitates the accumulation of lean tissues.

Regular intake of Dianabol causes a high consumption of calories, so a diet full of protein and calories is needed to get the desired results.

Dosage and diet

The recommended dosage for a beginner is 20mg to 30mg per day. The dose should be taken in three or four parts at regular intervals or can be taken once, one hour before the exercise. As the Dianabol results are dependent on calorie and protein intake, the suggested calorie intake for men is 5000 calories per day and for women its 2500 to 3000 calories per day.

Dianabol is easily available from online vendors and offline vendors. It’s a certified prescription drug at certain places, so care should be taken before purchasing the drug. The review of Dianabol tablets can be found at various websites. It helps a beginner to know and understand the drug and its uses. Dianabol is one of the best muscle building drugs that give fast track results. It’s favored by professional and amateur athletes and bodybuilders across the globe.