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Choosing the right roller banners

A roller banner has more to offer than what meets the eye. A roller banner can help your business to be more recognisable at corporate events like conferences and exhibitions, they’re especially useful for encouraging customers to absorb information, even if they are stood at the back of the room.

Roller banners (or roll up banners, pop up banners or pull up banners) are ideal for promoting your business, hence why it’s so important you get the design, just right.

HFE Signs are suppliers of roller banners, these are in the form of budget banners, double sided banners, tall roll up’s, outdoor banners and premium roller banners. It’s essential you choose the most suitable banner for your business but here’s what other factors you need to take into consideration:

High in demand.

When it comes to choosing roller banners that perform most successfully, you have to do your research. The roller banners are becoming increasingly more popular for exhibitions, it’s no surprise when they come with their own stand and carry case!

Left to right, top to bottom.

When designing roller banners, you should think about the wording you’d like to include. Your banner needs to read fluently, make sure that your banner incorporates relevant information that’s displayed in a way that’s readable.

Less is more.

Don’t stuff roller banners with too many words- try and keep your word count to a minimum. You don’t necessarily need to overcomplicate the banner, keep it simple. The purpose of a roller banner is to attract customers to your business so make it intriguing, make them want to find out more. If you’re looking for a simple design, consider one of HFE Signs budget roller banners!

Attention grabbing.

A roller banner can grab the attention of thousands of passers-by if placed in the right location and if it is designed to a tee. To grab the attention of passers-by your logo needs to be incorporated somewhere on your banner, preferably at the top. Keeping it at eye level will not only make your business more recognisable, more people will engage with it.

Stand out from the crowd.

The simple use of colour can enhance roller banners to make them more enhancing. Tie the colour scheme of your roller banners with your corporate colours and styles- not forgetting your logo. To generate more traffic to your shop, design a roller banner that’s easy to read and clear to understand; the last thing you want to do is confuse your potential customers!

Making things easier.

For convenience, HFE Signs design roller banners to suit your specific requirements. They can make the process of transportation easier because their roller banners are lightweight. Previously, business owners were faced with the challenge of carrying heavy equipment to and from conferences in order to offer professionalism. The need for this is no longer, roller banners are an efficient alternative that can be stored and transported with ease- not only saving you time but saving you money too!

If you require any more information regarding roller banners, speak to the team at HFE Signs, they’re always on hand to provide you with support and advice.

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