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Bypass Surgery Crowdfunding

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Gastric bypass surgeries are treatment procedures done when certain parts of vital organs are not functioning properly due to a defect, damage, malformation, or as result some disease. All bypass surgeries are highly invasive. While coronary bypass procedures are the most commonly done ones, there are also gastric bypass procedures for gastrointestinal conditions.

Heart bypass surgery

Coronary bypass, which is the most commonly done procedure among heart patients, replaces of bypasses damaged arteries that are responsible for transporting blood to the heart

Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass surgeries are usually done as bariatric surgeries to remove a small part of the stomach in obese individuals.

Such surgeries impose huge financial burden on patients. And often since the condition is life threatening, urgent surgeries cannot be postponed or avoided altogether. By promoting a crowdfunding India, it is possible to ensure that no one has to forego such a critical surgery due to limited funding, nor lose their life to life-threatening diseases. In normal scenarios, there is usually very little time to raise funds for surgeries of conditions that have reached a stage so critical, that bypass is the only way out.

But these funds have to be raised fast to save a life. Sadly, in many cases people, who are not in a financial position to afford the bypass, are forced to borrow from a friend or relative, or take a loan from a bank at high interest rates against valuable personal assets. They then spend the rest of their life drowning in debts. One would think that medical insurance would save the day – but the truth is that medical insurance is almost never sufficient to cover the entire expense of the surgery, postoperative care, and long term rehabilitation (which can go over a year). Needless to say that not everyone in our country even has the privilege of insurance covers.

At Impact Guru, we understand the severity of financial strain on families, and would therefore like to discuss the role of a crowdfunding India, in alleviating this problem. In trying times like these, families need to look at alternatives and quicker ways to raise money for treatment of a loved one. Impact Guru’s platform that facilitates a crowdfunding India has been a blessing to many such families who were struck with unexpected treatment expenses.

  1. Raise funds for quickly for a bypass surgery, doctor’s bills, tests, follow-up, and expensive medications through a crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Start an online fundraiser for a less fortunate person who may be suffering from a condition that requires bypass.

  1. Launch a campaign for a charity that supports patients and caregivers of patients suffering from diseases that need invasive surgeries such as bypass.

As medical treatments have improved over the years, it is also vital that patients and families evolve with these progressions and adopt newer and more efficient ways of fundraising, like crowdfunding.