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Why you should buy domain name instead of getting it for free?

Domain name is the most important thing that you need to have in order to enable your web presence. Domain is basically your address over the internet that helps your user to understand and remember the name of your website, so that they can easily come and visit your website. Understanding the system of domain name is not very complex but many people find it very complex to understand how all the process of domain and its naming works.  So, in order to know completely about domain system and its naming system, you can read further.

What is domain name?

It is easily understood by saying that domain name is basically a physical address of any website. Domain name is always unique with each other and no one has the right to copy it or use it.  By making use of domain name someone can easily send a mail to your website or visit it.

It is also very important for you to know that domain name and website are two different things. Website is something that you create but domain you have to buy or purchase. You can change the look of your website or change website by keeping the domain name with you.

From where to buy the domain name

There are many website registrar sites available from where you can buy the domain name.  Remember that when you buy domain name you also have to register it and that’s where most of the sites gist fails because the websites don’t offer the registration service of domain name.

So, in order to get the domain name as well as registration facility at one place you can make use of godaddy. Here you also get the facility of choosing a host server so you don’t need to find all the things separately as you get all the services at one place and at very reasonable rates. Moreover, over these sites you also gets the domain name coupon that you can make use of when you buy or register your domain name. These coupons reduce the cost of buying domain name and its registry, as you can easily get the domain name for very fair and reasonable prices. You can buy the domain for a time period of 1-10 years so choose the time period as per the price but if you are willing to ply the site irrespective of its outcome then it is best if you register the domain for at least 10 years of time. To know more about the domain name and about it process you can also visit the given link, domain-coupons.longest.com where you can get to know about all the things in detail

Domain names free vs. paid

There are many website builders available who can provide domain for free. But they will provide the domain with sub-domain and sub domain will appear along with the name of website. Moreover free sub domain is not considered good when you plan to make a website for very long term along with uniqueness of our own brand.  Biggest setback of having a free domain or sub domain is that website builder owns the name of sub domain. So, if you ever plan to change from current service provider to new one, you cannot port the domain name with you.

That’s why it is always recommended to you that you should buy the domain name instead of getting it for free. This is because when you buy one you can manage the name the way you want. If you want to change the service you also don’t need to change or give up your domain name and more.