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B2C Marketing Strategies That Worked

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There are many B2C marketing strategies today, but that does not mean that all of them work perfectly. Many of them might do more harm than good, which is why you need to know a bit about B2C marketing before indulging yourself in it. Here are some B2C marketing strategies that had great results:

Explore all the options before settling for just one strategy

  1. Hosting engaging and creative contests

Did you know that the marketing team from Frito Lay has actually won big simply by investing in creative contests? “Do Us A Flavor” is their annual contest that will continue to prove the brilliance and success behind the brand. There was even a contest where the contestants could win 1 million after submitting new flavors for the chips.

Unlike what many had predicted, the contest actually proved to be one of the most successful B2C marketing strategies. This is because it shows off the relationship between the consumers and Lay’s. This way, the people behind Lay’s have shown that they trust their consumers, and that is a very important aspect.

  1. Importance of membership programs

Another great example of a good B2C marketing strategy is currently the luxury cosmetic retailer, Sephora, who is the leading in the industry. With its extremely effective membership program, it was able to rise to the top.

The “Beauty Insider” is the name of the membership program and it is a merit-based program that easily separates consumers in 3 groups: The Beauty Insiders, VIB Rogue and VIB. Each one of them is hosting their own set of amazing exclusive rewards. Another reason why B2C is such a successful marketing strategy us that they are able to reach certain yearly-spend thresholds.

  1. The right focus

We all know that Nordstorm has always been in the frontlines with their exceptionally great customer service experiences. By taking this focus to the digital world, they present it in a form of their retargeting program.

When we shop online, we are usually distracted by a number of ads, pop-ups, phone calls, texts, emails, and the list can go on. Because of these interruptions, you will see a lot of shopping carts left behind, which is why the B2C e-commerce is a program made to fight those interruptions and to allow you to have a stress-free digital shopping experience.

  1. Every big business needs great social media presence

When talking about Social Media in general, there is no need to list any of the companies with great social media presence. If they have it, you, as a consumer, should already know. In the world we live in today, everything can start and end with Social Media. It is crucial for every small business and big ones to have a great Social Media presence, or that may cost them their business.

Final word

If you are looking for a great B2C marketing strategy Sydney, you should know that by hiring a professional that will be able to solve marketing problems. It is always a good idea to have somebody who can look at things from an objective side!