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Anavarand Other Steroids

Steroids and HGH or human growth hormone is one of the most popular commodities in today’s world. Most people go after these steroids for many purposes due to various lifestyle changing options. Many steroids in earlier days were used only for the medical purpose, but the notion has changed now. Going back to the history of steroids, they were present many decades ago and have helped in curing many unidentified diseases throughout the entire period.

Many forms of steroids and ease of use

Steroids are available in different forms as per user’s choice and ease of usage. These drugs are also modified according to the user’s needs and requirement. Many manufacturers keep in mind the requirement of the users and tweak the drugs accordingly. Many steroids have seen testing times and have stood like a rock among many competitive products. One among them is Anavar, a very popular drug used by many users. This drug is available all over the world and recommended by many users. There are many forms in which this drug is available among which the oral formulation is very popular. It is available in the form of pills, capsules, sprays and injections according to needs of the user. This drug is said to be invented in 1960’s when steroids were making entry into the global market. Anavar is also called as Oxandrolone and is one of the Dihydrotestosterone steroids. This drug is said to have very few androgenic and anabolic properties when compared to the other drugs in the market. The main property of this drug is it is very much like C17aa (alpha-alkalyte) medicine. This component helps to retain the properties of the drug unlike in other cases where they are digested before its full effect. This means this drug also does not have much impact on the liver and have very fewer side effects. The blood stream would also receive this drug completely without any dilution or delay and hence the effectiveness is also more.

Is liquid anavar effective or not?

Anavar is available in the liquid form as well. The main question among users is how effective this form is. As discussed, liquid anavar is also closely like the C17 aa component which means less damage to the liver and fewer side effects. This drug is prescribed to be taken twice a day for regulating the blood levels and lessen any possible effects. Females can also take this drug safely because it has less anabolic effect and no change in testosterone levels thus being very safe for consumption.  While it is user’s choice to choose between pills or liquids, it is said both of them give almost the same level of results.

Liquid form Vs Pills

It is as said user’s convenience to see what can be taken. Pills are easily available and easy to handle and carry while liquid form doesn’t have these advantages. Liquid steroids are preferred by some people who would like to take this drug in injectable form. But still,oral formulation is much preferred by many. The fact is that because the popularity of the oral tablets the liquid form is less known. Hence it is the choice and convenience of the user to see what can be taken and when.