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5 Tips to Help you Figure Out What to Do or Where to Travel to in this Summer

Not everyone plans out their entire summer in advance. Some people figure it out as they go along, and may need a little help deciding what to do every day. If you’re one of those people, look no further. We can help you decide on your daily summer activities. Read about it below.

Assess Your Personality

An extreme television enthusiast might not enjoy high risk activities like skydiving and bungee jumping. He may prefer a night at the movies or theatre. Naturally, we gravitate more towards activities similar to our daily ones. Therefore, before you generate a list of summer activities, really assess your personality and things you enjoy doing. This exercise saves you time because it makes it easier to write a list specialized to your characteristics.

On the other hand, try at least one or two activities outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might enjoy until you try it.

Keep Your Company in Mind

Plan summer activities or trips that everyone enjoys. Being selfish with planning works if you plan to travel alone. However, if you have traveling companions, take them into consideration.

Avoid Family conflict by voting before deciding on major plans. For example, select a few trips that fall within your family’s budget, and ones with a balance of child and adult friendly activities available. Next, hold an official family meeting to vote on the activity. Majority will rule.

Couples should decide on a fair way to pick summer activities. It could also involve a vote, but that likely ends in a split decision, or you and your partner can share the planning. You and your significant other can rotate activity planning dates. You might pick the activities on Monday, your partner on Tuesday, and so on. You can also use this system to rotate summer travel decisions. You plan the trip this time, and your partner does it the next time.

Put Your Purpose First

Most people plan activities because they have a specific goal in mind. Some might want to plan a trip to learn something new, while others might want to regenerate their body and mind. Knowing the purpose behind an activity is a good way to narrow what plans you want to make. Hiking works well for fitness and a mood boost, beaches are perfect for relaxing, and museums are great for research and idea generating.

Follow the Coupons

Sometimes coupons help you save  a lot of money, which could be a good enough reason to plan an activity or trip around them. For example, you may find out that Groupon has a Seaworld coupon that offers 50 percent off admission. This deal may tempt you enough to plan a family trip to Seaworld.

Check the Groupon coupon page of your favorite places to visit, or the getaway section to locate discounts.

Local Paper

Almost every major city has their own online version of a website devoted to local events or activities. TimeOut is a good website to start looking for events happening in your city. Start by looking for the ‘this week’ section of that website. Next, focus the search even more by picking categories within that section, or with a keyword search.

You can also subscribe to these sites and get activities sent to you daily. Every week, you may discover a cool event going on in your city.