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4 Ways Employers Should Show Their Employees They Care

Employers need their employees to be happy. No matter how ambitious some professionals are or how great a company is doing, an organization will only succeed in the long term if its employees are content, if they stick around for the long haul and if they genuinely feel like making a contribution. Happy employees are more productive. They do more than what is asked of them. The simplest way for employers to ensure that employees are happy is to show they are cared for. People are unlikely to quit, even when they have a better job offer, if they are satisfied with the organization and more importantly with their boss.

  • One of the four ways employers should show their employees they care is by being empathetic. Every company needs to be run in a professional manner. Every process should be well planned and the execution must be systematic. People should attend to their duties with all sincerity and due diligence. There is little or no room for emotions as facts and consequences are more important. However, employees are people. They have their own professional aspirations, personal problems and they cannot be systematic about everything in their life. Employers should develop some humaneness and show empathy when an employee is in need, when someone is in crisis or if someone needs a bit of help. Something as simple as giving an employee a day off when they need it badly can go a long way to show that employers truly care.
  • Employers need to be in constant touch with their employees. They should be in the thick of things. They must know what the employees need and how things can be improved. Any lack of communication or a prolonged disconnect will lead the employees to believe that the employers are not interested in their welfare. Young entrepreneurs are liked more by their staffs because they spend more time in the midst of everyone. While a hierarchy or chain of command and some distance are necessary to maintain order, it is also quintessential to be a part of the larger team and not just a boss or employer.
  • Employers should give their employees a voice and that should be factored in while deciding on crucial matters. It is absolutely futile to express empathy but not follow it up with action. It is also futile if employers listen to all the concerns the employees have but nothing really changes on the ground. The intent to care and actual caring should be tangible. It should be reflected in words and actions. Employers should proactively listen to what the employees have to say and work with them to plan the perfect resolutions.
  • Employers should personally engage with their employees and it should include periodic one-on-one sessions. Addressing a group is fine, treating all employees as a team and discussing things with the collective is effective but there are many people who are more comfortable sharing their opinions or giving feedbacks when they are alone. Personalizing the engagement is necessary.

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